About us

We are a family owned and family run corporation with a portfolio of acquired companies within the automotive industry.

Each entity comes under the TANG Industries banner however, they are their own entity. Run, managed and encouraged to develop their own internal innovations, keeping their own expertise and experience focused where it is most effective.

We are proud to be championing and investing in British innovation and industry.


SDF Automotive, drop forging acquired in 2002 along with the 20 acres of real estate it comprised of, SDF is a flag bearer for not only industry cleanliness but also pioneering Cellular Manufacturing.

SDF Alutech, a sister enterprise to SDF Automotive was founded in 2016 following continued demand for next generation lightweight materials. At the cutting edge of that growing industry arm, SDF Alutech excels in developing innovative manufacturing processes to reliably mass produce strong aluminium forgings.

Kespar was founded by CEO Donald Parkes in 1993 in the industrial heartlands of the UK, created by making innovations in the die reclamation process and refining the technology further meant Kespar lead the way in producing reliable, long second life dies, as well as new die machining, something they maintain to this day.

Job Weld fabrications, formed in 2001 to give a greater choice of quality fabrication to the heat treat sector by producing all types of heat treatment fixtures and Jigging, offering a wealth of experience of working in Nickel/Chrome Alloys, and further development in Nickel Chrome Fabrication.

Cellular Manufacturing

Our Cellular Forging Facility consists of fully integrated Lasco Hammer forging lines. This gives enhanced process control, stability and higher productivity.

Precision cut raw material input through to the final fully inspected component ready for shipment, cutting the manufacturing time by up to 80% compared to the conventional forging process as well as dramatically reducing wastage and downtime.


Automated Forging

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